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The movies on this page are some of the movies I saw a few times this year and are some of my favorites.

The Rocky movies are one of my favorite movies of all time and gives me motivation when I go to the gym I love this story!!

I loved this Rocky Movie because it reminds me you're never too old for anything and to keep your dreams alive whatever they are this really made me feel great!! He gets support from his friends and family and goes for it!

The Matrix is another one of my favorite series and gets me hyped up every time I watch it I love Keanu Reeves!!!

These are the John Wick movies, I saw John Wick 4 in the cinemas with q couple of friends in Summerside this spring. I love the action and the fast paste story again I love Keanu Reeves 

Mercury Rising is a movie I heard about but never watched until this year. I love how Bruce protects this disabled boy, and I love how the boy is so gifted even though he is disabled.

The Creed Movies were also Awesome and helps me get excited to go to the gym!!! I think it's awesome and cool the way Rocky trains Adonis Creed who is Apollo Creed's son.

Three of us went to Summerside and watched Creed III at the cinema and I loved it!

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