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Karaoke Nights at our Clubhouse

A Few of us at the club sang songs for a couple of hours just before Christmas Time. I Sang It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble

Then around the middle of June this year (2023) the same gang at our clubhouse came with a few more people and we sang our hearts out for oven two hours!!! I brought my 200 watt karaoke speaker and shared my microphone and we used another microphone from the club and we had a blast!

I sang three Michael Buble songs thqt night!! I was so excited to share my voice and share music with my friends it means SO MUCH!!

The first song I sang was The Best is Yet to Come

Moondance was the second song I sang that night and I did a really good job I sang my heart out....well I tried!

I Haven't Met You Yet was the third and last song I sang that night!! It was a very hard song!!

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